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We’ve built so many wonderful relationships over the years with our clients and their families that very often it feels like we are a part of this big universal family – a very very joyful and happy one. I have to admit – I easily get attached to people and “click” with many, so my emotional connection to the images is easily explainable :) Having our past wedding couples return with their babies is heaven to me. It is like seeing the journey and the main purpose of life unfold in front of your eyes…There is always this amazing mix of memories from the time of the engagement and young careless love to that fabulous wedding day that brings so much more meaning, responsibility and helps realize many questionable things about the future. You get to see the transformation in these people, their personal growth and the amount of unconditional love that guides them through years finally bringing them to the magical day when they become PARENTS. Nothing is more rewarding then being a part of it all, being able to witness the most precious and meaningful stages in peoples lives and create memories by simply capturing LIFE. I feel incredibly grateful. Thank you, J&M for sharing your lives with us yet again, and to all of our clients who keep coming back, trusting us and bringing us so much joy. We love you!

Please meet Talia – my little piece of heaven for the day.

10.26.13_Baby Talia_0014-Edit.jpg10.26.13_Baby Talia_0056-Edit.jpg10.26.13_Baby Talia_0050-Edit.jpg10.26.13_Baby Talia_0012-Edit.jpg10.26.13_Baby Talia_0054-Edit.jpg10.26.13_Baby Talia_0104-Edit.jpg10.26.13_Baby Talia_0114.jpg10.26.13_Baby Talia_0105-Edit.jpg10.26.13_Baby Talia_0124-Edit.jpg10.26.13_Baby Talia_0126.jpg10.26.13_Baby Talia_0131.jpg10.26.13_Baby Talia_0040-Edit.jpg10.26.13_Baby Talia_0099-Edit.jpgPlease click here to go to the full gallery from the session.

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